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How will the Trump government formulate its policy to China?

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-01-10 16:20:35
Trump's speech from the President-elect of speech, tweets and appointments to speculate that he may take much to build the "Great Wall" policy. However, Trump before the election after the election of the remarks may not represent its official policy, because if he said to do will undermine the US economy. Once in the oval office, he may realize that building the "Silk Road" is more beneficial to the United States.

The US and China are divided, but the two countries have also developed mutually beneficial economic relations. China 's cheap goods to benefit millions of households in the United States, but also inhibited the US inflation, and US companies are also welcome to expand the market, to seize the 1.3 billion Chinese people the opportunity.

The world's two largest economies are interdependent, and building roads will ultimately prove more successful than building walls.Our company is one of the most professional China disposable clothing manufacturers, China surgical gown manufacturer,China disposable coverall manufacturers.