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How long could disposable face mask be used?

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-28 22:35:18
Spring comes, the wind and dust comes more, many people going outside will wear disposable masks, some people will go out with a new disposable face mask everytime, but individuals feel the used disposable masks is still clean yet,it seems a little waste if throwing it away, so they continue to use it, sometimes even a mask can be used for a week's time.

Reporters interviewed several people going out wearing disposable masks, most people said they would reused the disposable face mask.Citizen Ms. Du said: "Every spring and autumn, I will buy thirty-four pack disposable masks, the whole family together to wear, never thought about using the time is too long." Miss Song said: "I have every two to three masks time of day, though not bad, but that the top two or three days certainly a lot of invisible bacteria. "

Reporters learned from the doctor, the current internationally accepted standard disposable masks usage time is 4-6 hours, use of time is too long, it will be blocked because of the large particles at the surface of the mask or respirator ultrafine particles clog the filter material in the gap, and filtering effect is reduced and cause increased breathing resistance.If you repeatedly use the disposable face mask, the out layer tend to accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, multiple use also easy to confuse positive and negative, the outer layer of dust and germs incoming body, bodily harm health.

We suggest one disposable face mask just could be used for 4~6 hours. We are one of the best disposable face mask suppliers in China,one of the professional China surgical mask manufacturers and China medical mask suppliers.