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Hanjin first auction of assets in China

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-11-25 00:12:29
South Korea's Hanjin shipping company after the bankruptcy, the global assets have been auctioned. November 21, Hanjin maritime bankruptcy in China after the first assets through online auction after the transaction, 484 empty container auction out of 331 million yuan.

The subject of this auction is the 484 second-hand empty containers (total auctions) held by YICT in accordance with the law, including 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, 40-foot counters 253, 45-foot container 175, 40-foot refrigerator 10. Container production date in 1998 to 2011 respectively.

Platform side revealed that these containers from Hanjin Shipping, "Hanjin shipping bankruptcy, Yantian Port to exercise the lien, to take out the auction."

In accordance with the relevant auction rules, the starting price of these empty containers of 114 million yuan, the applicants need to pay 200,000 bond auction to participate in bidding increases, each increase of 10,000 yuan or the whole multiple.

In the end, the auction was 6 times the delay, 18 turns after the bidding, these containers to 313 million yuan price of the transaction.

Since Hanjin company got bankruptcy in August, many suppliers and customers in international trading business got big shock from this.The year 2016 only have one month left, as a professional disposable face mask supplier in China, and a reliable disposable surgical gown supplier in China. We hope there will be a more wonderful business enviroment in the next year.