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Hanjin financial crisis entered the countdown

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-08-11 18:52:12
Korean financial officials today said the the Korean government did not provide financial support for the program Hanjin Shipping, Hanjin countdown financial crisis, the bank debt to avoid being taken over just last month.

Hanjin Shipping and its takeover Term Bond Bank agreed extension of one month since August 4, South Korea's largest liner operators in order to avoid the continued efforts to take over a month. Korea Financial Services Committee chairman Yim Jong-yong in the recent monthly press conference, said: "
The Korean government does not provide financial support plans for Hanjin."

Ren Zhonglong at a news conference also revealed that, in order to overcome the crisis, Hanjin Shipping is on charter rates of problems with the owner negotiations and internal debt restructuring has made many efforts; Meanwhile, Hanjin Shipping is and 34 financial institutions to open negotiations on a ship mortgage bond bank in order to avoid being taken over to make a final

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