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Global medical supplies nonwoven market will reach $ 20.9 billion in 2017

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-25 10:27:04
Global Industry Analysts company reports, disposable non-woven products are rapidly entering medical institutions, mainly because of consumer awareness-raising to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.Such as hepatitis and AIDS and other diseases,further promote the increased demand for disposable hospital products,for cleaning, hygiene and protection of the patient and the doctor to prevent infection.Regulatory agencies around the world to implement stricter standards, but also actively promote the use of non-woven fabric.Although the health care sector is increasingly tend to non-invasive surgery, but the overall impact on the disposable nonwovens market is still minimal.

Because the hospital regard disposable products as necessary products, rather than a luxury, so the nonwovens industry is experiencing the development of new manufacturing complex finishing process.Nonwovens market is expected to grow further, because every day there are more users turn to disposable products, coupled with new methods of treatment and care.Currently, a wide range of technical and non-manufacturing cloth fiber applications, which allow non-manufacturing cloth can provide an enhanced level of application according to individual needs.

In the future, the development of new high-tech materials and improved progress nonwovens can be promoted. Airlaid nonwovens may boost demand, because of their economic cost is relatively lower than other products.

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