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Foreign trade has positive changes, emerging industry development momentum is good

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-08-15 18:06:02
August 11, the National Development and Reform Commission published an article on its official website, the first half of China's economic structural adjustment conditions were analyzed. The article points out, in the first half, China's foreign trade structure of positive changes. Continued weakness in the international market in the first half, China's high-tech products exports fell 7.9% (in dollar terms), mainly processing trade decreased faster than general trade is still showing steady growth. Strong competitive high value-added products, integrated circuits exports edged up 2.9% in services exports of high-tech service exports accounted for the rise.

In addition to optimizing the structure of foreign trade in the first half, the strategic restructuring of our economy has seen positive changes, strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry has maintained relatively fast growth, new economy new momentum to accelerate the formation of innovation-driven development, industrial transformation and upgrading, maintenance stable employment and so played a positive role.

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