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Exports to Russia, change a single bill of lading may be fined

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-04-24 23:36:18
According to the relevant provisions of the Russian Port Authority, the goods manifest has been submitted in Russia after the submission of any bill of lading changes may be considered as false and smuggled goods and lead to a fine.

Therefore, when the manifest has been submitted in Russia, any change in the number of goods / cargo description / cargo weight related to the bill of lading, Maersk Line requires the owner to provide the following aspects of the corresponding supporting documents, and will be confirmed with the port of destination. If these documents are not available, the owner's bill of lading change request will not be accepted.

Here we remind the customers in Russia to pay more attentions to this issue. Please make sure everything is right with you in the Bill of Lading and then give the final confirmation to the forwarder.Our company is one of the most professional disposable lab coats suppliers in China,China disposable suit manufacturers and China disposable gown smanufacturers.