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Development and Application of Medical Textile Material

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-22 15:09:28
Medical textile materials are based on fiber, textile technology for the manufacturing methods, medical applications for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, repair, replacement and health care and protection of a class of textile materials. At present, the world's new technology mainly from the fiber size, pore structure can be regulated aspects of research, such as the application of electrostatic nanofibers, functional medical health nonwovens materials development, and fiber properties of its different applications different.

Medical textiles have a lot of advantages in terms of human health, a very wide field of applications, such as various types of repair patches, surgical sutures, artificial blood vessels, with a high added value, but now many of the domestic high-end medical textiles mainly rely on imports, China The medical and health textile industry to accelerate the development of new medical textile fiber raw material system, breaking the high-end medical textile materials processing and equipment key technologies to strengthen the medical textile materials detection and evaluation system construction, optimization and upgrading of medical textile materials industry system, optimization and upgrading of medical textiles Materials industry system, accelerate the establishment of high, medium and low-end integrity of the medical textile products system, strengthen the medical textile materials frontier basic research, enhance our high-end medical textile materials independent innovation ability, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters, promote the industrialization of new results application, Strengthen the field of biomedical textile materials personnel construction, market demand-oriented, so that China's medical products for a wider application, to create greater social and economic value.