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"Christmas season" container shipping prices rose

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-11-17 17:57:51
Recently a number of major container routes freight rates rose fast and tight space. Shipping industry researchers said that some of the recent major flight routes are indeed relatively tight. The situation is getting better with the "Christmas season" factor, but also Hanjin shipping bankruptcy, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations and other factors, but these factors are time-sensitive.

In addition to the traditional "Christmas season" pulling factors, Hanjin shipping into the insolvency process after the squeezing effect and the RMB exchange rate fluctuations The stimulation of foreign trade is also an important factor. However, the industry reminded, whether seasonal or other factors, these factors are time-sensitive, can not simply be seen as the market tends to "healthy" characterization. Individual enterprises bankruptcy caused by the capacity of a sudden drop in tariff will bring some stimulus, but that part of the "sudden death" of the capacity of this or that channel will always return to the market.

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