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China's textile international gap lies in the production of textile applications

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-11-21 18:40:32
Nowadays, how to become the industry of maintaining growth and adjusting structure in the new technology and new business environment, how to become a part of strategic emerging industry, how to transcend the high-tech industry of textile cross-field has become a new topic. "China is the world's textile power, the reason why we did not become a textile power, the biggest gap lies in the gap between production and application of textiles."

The biggest feature of industrial textiles, is specially designed, with engineering structure, for special applications in the field of textiles. "Textiles for medical and health use, textiles for filtration, textiles for transportation, textiles for geotechnical use, textiles for structural reinforcement, construction, safety, agriculture, rope and textile for packaging are all industrial textiles.

The largest categories of textiles are medical and health, including medical textiles and health textiles, and now the market demand is huge, "For example, our country  disposable surgical gown market penetration is only 5-7%, while the United States 100 90%, Europe, Japan are in 70,80% ".

At the same time, the haze technology to filter separation technology industry is developing very fast, a rapid development and development of the field; national defense, the rapid development of military industry for the production of textile industry has brought great progress, the future development of positive The development of the automotive industry has brought the prosperity of the textile industry, transport, textile and transport in more and more to meet the European standard, high-performance, multi-functional, US standard of recyclability.