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China's imports and exports to the EU grew rapidly in January-February

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-04-10
According to customs statistics, the first two months of this year, China's imports and exports to the EU 583.02 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year (the same) increased by 15%, accounting for 15% of China's total import and export value of the same period, of which exports to the EU 356.58 billion yuan , An increase of 8.7%; imports from the EU 2264.4 billion yuan, an increase of 26.4%. In February, China's import and export to the EU was 257.34 billion yuan, up 15.9 percent; of which exports were 147.75 billion yuan, up 2.1 percent; imports were 115.59 billion yuan, up 40.2 percent.

The deepening of economic and trade integration between China and Europe is conducive to expanding bilateral cooperation space. At present, the rise of global trade protectionism, China and the EU as a strong supporter of free trade and globalization, both sides of economic and trade integration does not fall. In 2016, China surpassed the United States and France for the first time, becoming Germany's largest trading partner country; the same period, China has become the largest increase in foreign exports to Italy. According to EU statistics, in 2016, the EU on China's trade accounted for the proportion of the EU trade value continued to rise from 14.75% in 2015 rose to 14.84%. With the deepening of trade integration between China and Europe, bilateral cooperation space will be further expanded. Recently, the French Prime Minister and the Italian president have visited China, to strengthen the Sino-French, Sino-Italian economic and trade ties, to promote industrial cooperation to bring new opportunities. Our company is a professional international trading company in China.We are one of the best China surgical gown manufacturer,China medical mask suppliers and hospital bed sheets suppliers in China.