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China's foreign trade to achieve stability for the better in 2016

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-21 16:26:17
At present, the international economic situation is still grim and complex. Combined with the actual work of foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce Assistant Zhang Ji said that international trade growth has been lower than the global economic growth for five consecutive years, the international market continues to slump, the outward transfer of industrial orders accelerated downward pressure increased. In 2016, China's foreign trade to achieve stability for the better, is not easy. Mainly embodied in the structural optimization of foreign trade, the development of quality and efficiency improvement and so on.

After the outbreak of the international financial crisis, foreign trade development faces the internal and external environment and conditions have undergone profound changes. From the international demand, the world economy is still in the adjustment period; from the globalization process, multinational corporations dominated large-scale international industrial transfer slowed down significantly; from the international trade relations, trade protectionism warming; from the factors of production costs, environmental pressure Has reached a high point, the traditional advantages of low-cost manufacturing significantly weakened; from the policy environment, the local government authority began to be strictly regulated, not to develop their own tax incentives.

The world market for Chinese products are still a lot of demand, with the supply side of the structural reform in depth, the pace of China's industrial innovation will continue to accelerate the development of foreign trade and structural adjustment to add new momentum.

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