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China nonwovens business to go out

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-05-04 17:20:26
At present, the comparative advantages and competitive efficiency of the whole industry chain of nonwovens are greatly challenged. The industry should carry out efficient transnational resource allocation in a global perspective, consolidate the manufacturing advantages and market share in the global supply chain, and strive to improve Value chain status. Domestic nonwovens industry from the initial product output to the current stage of industrial output, reflecting the concept of nonwovens entrepreneur changes, as well as the international competitiveness of enterprises to enhance. At the same time, nonwovens enterprises to go out to face the various problems, but also to enterprises feel pressure. Because of this, China Industry Textiles Industry Association has been committed to promoting the global nonwovens related institutions and strategic cooperation, and through field visits and negotiations docking, to better help enterprises go out.

During the INDEX exhibition, the China Industry Textile Industry Association and the nonwovens Association of Europe and the Americas have exchanged and exchanged views on the deep cooperation between the nonwovens industry and the enterprises. We hope that through the joint exhibitions and forums, Exchange and cooperation, such as June 7-8 this year and the European nonwovens Association jointly organized the first Asia-Europe Geotechnical Materials Forum; June 22 and the United States nonwovens Association jointly organized by the China International Nonwovens Conference. And NonwovensIndustry magazine on the establishment of long-term strategic partnership and the world's nonwovens and China's top ten non-woven fabric selection activities of the depth of integration of the exchange, to promote the internationalization of China's top ten nonwovens, while China's non-woven Cloth companies have more opportunities to participate in the world's top ten non-woven selection.

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