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China logistics costs higher than the world average

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-07-22 15:12:24
China's National Development and Reform Commission on the 20th revealed that, in 2015, China's logistics costs accounted for gross domestic product (GDP) up 16.6%, higher than the world average of 5 percentage points.National Development and Reform Commission held a meeting on the 20th deployed to promote the integration of transport and logistics development. The meeting pointed out, China transport and logistics efficiency is not high overall efficiency is the main reason for the high cost of logistics, outstanding performance in multimodal transport bottleneck of prominent Transport Organization link redundancy, standardized set a lower loading level, the overall level of information is not high, raising the overall cost of logistics transport, handling, and other organizations.The meeting pointed out, to promote the development of transport and logistics integration is an effective means to reduce logistics costs, and promote supply-side structural reforms, from four aspects to promote the effective integration of the development of transport and logistics.

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