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China and Greece continue to broaden the cooperation areas together

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-07-12
July 4, the second session of China and Greece ocean Cooperation Forum held in Beijing.About 500 people from China and Greece shipping, electricity, energy, finance, real estate, tourism and other areas of 215 companies participated in the forum, and around the "grasp the opportunity to cooperate heritage" theme in-depth exchanges. During the forum, the two companies have carried out hundreds of field "one to one" matchmaking, signed a nearly $ 200 million partnership agreement, and reached a number of cooperation intentions in port construction, shipbuilding, tourism, agriculture, and other areas of the exhibition .

Currently, the Port of Piraeus in Greece has become a large, technologically advanced modern container terminal is one of the world's top 100 largest container terminal throughput of the fastest growing in the marina, but also a number of international container shipping company in the eastern Mediterranean important hub region.

Since China Ocean Shipping Group investment management the port of Piraeus in 2009, the port's container throughput in 2010 from 880,000 TEU (TEU) in 2015 increased to 3.36 million TEU, the throughput of the first global ranking 93 boost to the first 39, bring to the over 1200 new direct jobs, an increase of Greece's tax revenue, promote local economic development.

And since we've broaden our business in Greece these years, we always keep the eye on the latest cooperation programs between China and Greece. We are the China surgical mask manufacturers,China medical mask suppliers and China disposable coverall manufacturers.