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China and Cuba bilateral economic and trade relations continue to heat up

  • Author:orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-03-17
In recent years, bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Cuba have continued to heat up. At present, Cuba is China's largest trading partner in the Caribbean, China is Cuba's second largest trading partner. Cuba and Latin America are becoming an important trading partner of China, and China's influence in this region is also growing.

Since the successful completion of the Cuban Havana International Trade Fair and the China Manufacturing Exhibition in 2016, more and more domestic companies are looking to the Cuban and Latin American markets. They are eager to "go in" and get more business opportunities and opportunities for development. Industry experts said that in-depth development of bilateral economic and trade relations is of great significance, promising, great potential.

China and Cuba have long maintained trade relations. With the rapid and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, the bilateral trade between China and Cuba has maintained a good momentum of development. Excellent geographical location, rich natural resources and adequate light and heat resources, so that the Cuban economic development has a sustained driving force. China as a gradual rise of the economic power, industrial power, in the manufacturing sector has a relatively strong strength. We are one of the most professional China disposable clothing manufacturers, China disposable suit manufacturers and China disposable coverall manufacturers.