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Canton Fair data: foreign trade trend vane

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-11-08 23:52:27
Canton Fair is China's import and export trade's important window, but also China's foreign trade, and even the future development of global trade barometer and weathervane. The 120th Canton Fair has come to an end successfully, the number of participating buyers, the amount of orders and other indicators reflect the characteristics of China's foreign trade and global trade development reflects the future trend.

The number of purchasers reported that the growth of 4.6%, export turnover than the autumn of 2015 increased by 3.2%, the number of buyers to the resumption of growth, turnover also showed a preliminary stabilization trend. These data and the Commerce Department recently released data show that the RMB-denominated in the third quarter of China's import and export growth of 1.1% growth rate than the first and second quarter, respectively, increased by 8.3 and 1.3 percentage points.

These data show that buyers will increase the purchasing intentions, the world economy and slow recovery of international trade signs; the second is that China's foreign trade development in the structural adjustment and the trough of the world economy gradually out of the valley, the decline narrowed quarter by quarter , The emergence of restorative growth and stabilize the situation.

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