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Anti-haze masks becomes the Fashion Accessories in China

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-17 18:25:34
"Los Angeles Times" website recently published an article entitled "China shrouded in haze, masks become fashionable accessories," the article said, for hundreds of millions of Chinese people, air pollution so that when it rains like to wear masks an umbrella that become conditioned reflex. Serious air pollution occurs frequently in China, so that weather forecasts have a "haze" special signs. This allows the masks to those originally used for workshops and construction sites became popular.Trendy fashion designers have launched anti-haze masks, let the Chinese people's anti-haze beautiful and stylish way.

These masks have bright colors, beautiful patterns, some with silk and other fabrics and elegant decor, some inlaid with glittering crystal, perfectly suited to wear on the red carpet ceremony. Recently, these masks are still in Paris and Hong Kong Fashion Week debut, it said that some have undergone rigorous medical testing.Although people are increasingly aware of the dangers of severe haze, but even in severe haze weather, the vast majority of Chinese people do not wear a mask. For many Chinese people, the comfort is more important than security, wearing masks often feel hot, shortness of breath.Still, many Chinese people are trying to protect their lungs. Chinese e-commerce site Taobao said that last year spending Chinese consumers to buy anti-fog and haze masks and other supplies on its website up to $ 141 million.

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