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Requirements for exporting Jordanian goods
Release on 2018-03-19According to Jordanian customs requirements, all goods to Jordan must be provided with 4 HS code and displayed in the description. This regulation wil...Read More
New rules for Thai customs! A slight imprudence will result in high fines!
Release on 2018-03-06Recently, Thailand customs to release the latest regulation, all import and export goods of Thailand, involving all of the mode of transportation, inc...Read More
Please be sure to pay attention to this new rule when exporting to Iran!
Release on 2018-03-01Foreign trade friends pay attention! The recent export of Iran has a new requirement that all goods exported to Iran must comply with the requirements...Read More
The exchange rate of USD to RMB is officially broken 6.3!
Release on 2018-02-01Since January, the RMB exchange rate has been soaring. Straight up, the RMB officially entered the 6.2 era as of press release. In the beginning of th...Read More
The exchange rate of usd to RMB fell below 6.38!
Release on 2018-01-25The RMB rose 95 basis points against the dollar to 6.3715, the highest level since December 7, 2015, the highest since December 4, 2015. The previous ...Read More
Pakistan gives up dollar to settle in RMB only!
Release on 2018-01-19On the first day of 2018, U.S. President Donald trump pointed the finger at Pakistan, accusing Pakistan of not cooperating with the United States in c...Read More
The shipping company has issued an urgent notice! At the end of the year, the peak travel peak!
Release on 2018-01-18Recently, informed by Hapag-Lloyd, Shanghai port 40 feet trunk of tension, as in the yard to provide 40 feet high box instead of a big box, VGM send c...Read More
The yuan's exchange rate against the dollar has risen by 5.4% in 2017, and may between 6.40~
Release on 2018-01-11On December 22, the renminbi was trading at 6.5821 against the dollar, down 26 basis points from the previous session, ending the previous three conse...Read More
There have been many demonstrations in Iran! Please pay attention when exporting to this country!
Release on 2018-01-05The widespread protests have spread to several Iranian cities, including mashhad, lasht, qom, and Tehran, the capital of the moderate capital. Widespr...Read More
Indonesian customs frequently check! Foreign trade enterprises should pay attention!
Release on 2018-01-04The certificate of origin of the china-asean free trade area is a document which conforms to the country's standard of origin and proves the origin of...Read More
Malaysia, Tanzania and Estonia have new rules! Be sure to note that the shipping company has notifie
Release on 2017-12-28Once again, the bill of lading to the Port of Johor Port or Tanjung Pelepas is not a transshipment clause. According to tanzanian customs, the same co...Read More
Foreign trade enterprises please pay attention to the risk of settlement!
Release on 2017-12-27On the 25th, the Chinese and foreign markets joined hands with the us dollar. In the inter-bank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate against...Read More
Port santos is seriously delayed
Release on 2017-12-21The Brazilian customs strike continues, with the port of santos, South America's largest port, facing serious delays, with delays in container shipmen...Read More
Low-filing, fake products will be blacklisted by the French customs
Release on 2017-12-20Recently, French customs reported that there was a large number of low declarations and suspected fake goods sent to the local area. The seized goods ...Read More
The ministry of commerce has issued a warning! Beware of trade fraud!
Release on 2017-12-19In recent years, there have been many unscrupulous businessmen in China export enterprise of Uganda's trade fraud cases, lead to goods deceived or ret...Read More
Nigeria has issued new rules that all container goods must be pallet!
Release on 2017-12-18Recently, Nigeria has issued new rules for all containers destined for Nigeria. This provision will take effect from January 1, 2018! China disposable...Read More
24 containers of containers fell into water on the way to Rotterdam, and some of the containers have
Release on 2017-12-12On December 8th to the early hours of Saturday morning at night local time, a ship called LEONIE P container ships, by the German werder Bremen (Breme...Read More
Indonesian port workers are planning a nationwide strike, foreign trade and freight forwarding
Release on 2017-12-07On December 4, Indonesia TKBM trade unions in labor disputes union workers and more than a national Port transport workers nationwide strike, thousand...Read More
America's tax cuts pass! Four influences on China!
Release on 2017-12-06The trump tax reform bill was approved by the senate at two o 'clock this afternoon in Beijing, at 2:00 a.m. local time. The vote was 51:49.As the wor...Read More
In order to reduce the time of the port inspection, Argentina customs issued a new cargo plan
Release on 2017-11-30Argentina's new rules change the traditional way of determining the weight of cargo in ports. It also clarified the role of SENASA in ship inspection ...Read More