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Recently, there have been riots and strikes in various ports, so be careful!
Release on 2017-10-18Recently, after a general strike by Spain's uaw, the customs of South America's largest port of santos, santos, decided to strike again at a vote. The...Read More
The general administration of customs issued a notice on regulating the forwarding business
Release on 2017-10-17Recently, the customs general administration issued a statement on standard transit business, the multimodal transport of the goods announcement may a...Read More
Russia will shorten the time it takes for China to export goods
Release on 2017-10-16Russia's federal customs agency is working to shorten all customs clearance procedures for Chinese exports, Russia's satellite news agency reported, c...Read More
South America's largest port customs pre-strike will seriously affect Christmas shipments on the
Release on 2017-10-13In South America's largest container port, Santos, as the port customs will strike again, the carrier and the owner are preparing for the delay and ad...Read More
Concealed, indecent, false declaration of dangerous goods, fines USD15000 only starting price!
Release on 2017-10-12Recently received EVG (Evergreen Shipping) Notice: In order to ensure the safety of ship, cargo, maintenance of the interests of the majority of the o...Read More
South African raid by storm! MSC and SM's four ships stranded!
Release on 2017-10-11On 11 October, the eastern part of South Africa, including Johannesburg and Durban and other cities suffered a storm. Resulting in Durban city streets...Read More
China-Import Restriction on waste and scraps
Release on 2017-10-09The Ministry of Environmental Protection of PR China (MEP) recently published an index of import ban on waste products including plastic scraps and re...Read More
What kind of experience is it for the exporters when the shipment goes before the holiday?
Release on 2017-09-29As one of the China medical mask suppliers, China disposable suit manufacturers and China surgical gown manufacturers. What kind of experience is it f...Read More
Swiss customs investigation of low-cost goods declaration, offenders will be refused to import!
Release on 2017-09-27As the Swiss customs found that low-cost declaration of goods will be serious, will be thorough investigation of goods. All shipments to Switzerland P...Read More
German customs new regulations, please self-examination as soon as possible to avoid losses
Release on 2017-09-25Recently, the German customs requirements in the cargo manifest must have 6 or not less than 4 HS code! Otherwise, the goods will be seized by the Cus...Read More
Putin ordered the Russian port to stop using the dollar settlement!
Release on 2017-09-22According to the Russian news network reported on September 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to approve legislation, before...Read More
Paper prices skyrocketing
Release on 2017-09-21Papermaking stock prices rose from the power of "rising sound" of the spot market, enterprises frequently raise prices. From the beginning of July and...Read More
Analysis of Wipes Market for Personal Care
Release on 2017-09-20If you do not include baby wipes, personal care wipes market may be the smallest in the entire wipes market, but the fastest growth rate. According to...Read More
Welcome to visit us at the 122th China Canton Fair
Release on 2017-09-19We sincerely invite you to join us at the Canton Fair, disposable medical consumption trade fair to be held in Guangzhou, China from October 31 to Nov...Read More
Typhoon Terry or will seriously affect the Ningbo and Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port will be closed tomo
Release on 2017-09-14Central Meteorological Observatory this morning to continue to release typhoon orange warning: Typhoon No. 18 this year, "Terry" is still maintained t...Read More
China is being transferred from the industry to the country to export countries, industrial transfer
Release on 2017-09-13China is being transferred from the industry to the country to export countries, industrial transfer is inevitable! So, is the transfer to the central...Read More
Foreign exchange encounter new obstacles, many banks to speed up the clearance of offshore accounts!
Release on 2017-09-11Just now, 6.4540, the dollar on the yuan exchange rate to a new low! The dollar is already bruised, 10 days crash 2000 points! But compared to the exc...Read More
Note! September 16, Sinotrans will levy the IRF port of Manila
Release on 2017-09-08Recently, Sinotrans delivery notice, will be September 16, 2017 (Saturday) Shanghai flight flights, the collection of Shanghai to Manila goods (includ...Read More
Hurricane "Emma" swept the West Indies and the United States, a number of ports about to c
Release on 2017-09-07Hurricane "Harvey" in the United States and other places in Germany and other places raging for several days, resulting in 50 deaths of 6 million peop...Read More
Environmental storm has not yet subsided, security storm wave after another
Release on 2017-09-04The State Council Safety Production Committee issued a notice to carry out the national safety inspection, scheduled for the end of September to the e...Read More