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24 containers of containers fell into water on the way to Rotterdam, and some of the containers have
Release on 2017-12-12On December 8th to the early hours of Saturday morning at night local time, a ship called LEONIE P container ships, by the German werder Bremen (Breme...Read More
Indonesian port workers are planning a nationwide strike, foreign trade and freight forwarding
Release on 2017-12-07On December 4, Indonesia TKBM trade unions in labor disputes union workers and more than a national Port transport workers nationwide strike, thousand...Read More
America's tax cuts pass! Four influences on China!
Release on 2017-12-06The trump tax reform bill was approved by the senate at two o 'clock this afternoon in Beijing, at 2:00 a.m. local time. The vote was 51:49.As the wor...Read More
In order to reduce the time of the port inspection, Argentina customs issued a new cargo plan
Release on 2017-11-30Argentina's new rules change the traditional way of determining the weight of cargo in ports. It also clarified the role of SENASA in ship inspection ...Read More
The strike in Brazil's ports into the fourth week! Port clearance has been delayed for up to sev
Release on 2017-11-24The Brazilian port customs strike has entered its fourth week, with heavy cargo piled up at ports having high cost and demurrage charges. The strike h...Read More
Companies in these 10 industries pay attention! The ministry of environmental protection has called
Release on 2017-11-22Electroplating, coking, flat glass, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metal, printing and dyeing, food processing, agricultural by-products API manufac...Read More
The number of purchasers and turnover of the 122nd Canton fair has increased
Release on 2017-11-21On November 4, the 122nd Canton fair came to a close. On the same day at a news conference, spokesman of news of Canton fair, China foreign trade cent...Read More
Attention! After the port of santos, four more port strikes in South America! Six airport strikes in
Release on 2017-11-17After the biggest port in the South America - Brazil santos port strike, San Vicente port , Coronel port, Lirquen port, chacabuco port because pension...Read More
Attention! Two national ports in the Middle East close and freeze bank accounts! Please be careful b
Release on 2017-11-14Saudi Arabia has announced it will close its land, sea and air ports in yemen, the Associated Press reported. On May 5, a Saudi Arabian helicopter cra...Read More
The dangerous goods in the port of shenzhen burst into flames, and the containers burned down seriou
Release on 2017-11-13On the evening of November 10, a serious cargo burst into flames at the international container terminal in yantian, shenzhen. Video and photos from t...Read More
Customs rules in Thailand: from November 13, the package of goods must be marked and displayed in al
Release on 2017-11-09Recently, Thailand customs issued the latest regulations, the packaging of the goods must be marked, the shipping mark must be displayed in all releva...Read More
Indonesia, Brazil, the United States and other countries anti-dumping investigation into China! Atte
Release on 2017-11-08According to the investigation by the ministry of commerce, various countries, such as Indonesia, Brazil, the United States and Argentina, have conduc...Read More
Environmental protection tax comes out, foreign trade factory hurriedly come to see how the tax is h
Release on 2017-11-07After the "most stringent" environmental supervision, the environmental tax will be on the way. Are you ready for the foreign trade factory? The envir...Read More
The most severe stoppage order in history was implemented on November 15!
Release on 2017-11-06Cut off water, cut off power, cancel the business license on site... A huge stoppage order is sweeping the whole country's foreign trade factories. Re...Read More
The 122th China Canton Fair started
Release on 2017-10-31According to the data from the Canton fair news center, the number of overseas purchasers has been growing for three consecutive years since the numbe...Read More
Ethiopia's foreign exchange reserves are in a hurry, and the exchange rate has plummeted!
Release on 2017-10-30The foreign trade person that exports Ethiopia recently must pay attention!!! The country's foreign exchange reserves are in a hurry, and the exchange...Read More
In November, several shipping companies, multiple routes raised prices, cabin tension!
Release on 2017-10-27No matter how to resist, the price increase has become the "loot" that can't escape in November! It is reported that in November, several routes inclu...Read More
A countdown to environmental tax starts! Each year 50 billion.
Release on 2017-10-26After nearly a year of environmental inspections, shutdowns and closures, environmental inspectors have reached a tipping point where factories have s...Read More
The port of tobruk will be closed immediately and all import and export activities will be suspended
Release on 2017-10-25On October 17, Libya's transport ministry decided that Tobruk would be immediately shut down and all trade and import activities stopped! Following th...Read More
"Made in China" gradually awakens, export business opportunities are coming!
Release on 2017-10-24A Japanese steel giant has admitted to tampering with data to supply customers with shoddy goods. Not only are the many Japanese companies, such as To...Read More