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Companies in these 10 industries pay attention! The ministry of environmental protection has called

  • Autore:Orient Honest
  • Rilasciare il:2017-11-22
Electroplating, coking, flat glass, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metal, printing and dyeing, food processing, agricultural by-products API manufacturing, tanning, pesticide and so on 10 industry related enterprises should be completed before December 31, 2017 discharge permit for work. Starting from January 1, 2018, the relevant enterprises in the above industries shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

Now, for the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises lies in the fact that apply to the enterprise has a certain technical threshold, no big small and medium-sized enterprise as full-time personnel to complete the application of environmental protection, and monthly upload a enterprise main pollutant emissions during the month report, etc.

If the printing industry affected by this, China medical mask manufacturers , China surgical mask suppliers and China disposable suit manufacturers will also been affacted.Another price rising storm will coming.